We manufacture, install and market these unique Solar Thermal NANOGRID and MICROGRID systems in Nigeria. And we are poised to resolve the energy dearth in Nigeria that has suffocated the industrialization drive of Nigeria and environs in spite of the abundant energy of the sun that goes waste here everyday.
Solar Thermal MICROGRID is therefore a MICROGRID system whose power is generated from the heat of the sun. Since the sun does not shine during the night a storage system is required to keep solar thermal energy harvested during the day for uninterrupted use at night.
- By Rev. Ukaegbu Ogwo

Recent Updates

  • → Higher solar collector performance
  • → Scalable for larger plants
  • → Use of low-cost, non - hazardous heat transfer fluid, (thermal oil at 280 degrees Celsius) both in the collector field and in energy storage systems
  • During Training in SWWP Flagstaff Arizona USA

  • European African Wind Engineering Association Conference Florence, Italy

  • During Training – Barcelona, Spain

  • During Training in Xantrex Barcelona Spain